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WALL STREET JOURNAL: DAVID BOSSIE: Zuckerberg, Biden and Running Up the Score in the Blue States

Regarding your editorial “More Pennsylvania Election Follies” (July 18): So-called Zuckerbucks—grants to local election offices by nonprofits tied to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg —flowed not only to battleground states such as Pennsylvania to help President Biden in the Electoral College, but also to deep-blue urban areas like New York, Dallas and Los Angeles to supercharge Mr. Biden’s popular-vote tally.

One Zuckerberg-funded group sent 92% of its grants of $400,000 or more to jurisdictions carried by Mr. Biden, for a total of $272 million. That’s a political strategy, not proof of altruistic philanthropy or “a waste in any conspiracy to help Joe Biden.”

I agree, however, that banning private money from funding the administration of our elections is a very good thing. That’s why since 2020 more than half the state legislatures in the country have passed laws that ban or restrict the practice in future elections.

David N. Bossie

President, Citizens United


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Citizens United President David Bossie on Fox Business

Citizens United President David Bossie on Fox Business


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